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Graph Paper FAQ

Choosing the right type of graph paper for your needs can sometimes be a little tricky. We get many questions about the various terminology used to describe graph paper. We’ve addressed some of the most common questions here.

Quad ruled is also called quadrille ruled. It is graph paper with squares and without any bolded tenth lines. Essentially, it is graph paper with similar sized squares all throughout the page.

Quad paper is used in maths, science and finance anytime you need to keep the numbers aligned in columns. It is useful for manual maths operations such as long multiplication and division, and adding and subtracting.

Essentially, quad paper is one type of graph paper. There can be many type of graph paper such as polar coordinate graph paper, logarithmic graph paper, dot grid paper, hexagonal paper, and several more. 

Quad ruled paper is the most common type of graph paper with similar sized squares printed to all the edges of the paper.

In the US and Canada, quad graph paper generally has two, four or five squares for each inch. These dimensions are used for generally work that does not require too much detail.

In the UK, Australia and other countries on the metric system, quad graph paper would have one or two squares per centimetre.